Can I Use a Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors?
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Can I Use a Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors?

There are a lot of steam mops available to do any sort of cleaning. Some cleaners clean multiple designed floors and some are designed for some particular cleaning. If someone is using a steam cleaner to clean hardwood floors, some cautions should be taken. With the safety, it is fine to use a steam cleaner on hardwood floors.

Hardwood is a material that absorbs very fast and it is naturally designed like this. Any kind of exposure to humidity or water can generate plump, warp, twist, and mold into it. Steam cleaners by default use water heated up to a very high level and then use the steam. Through this process, it cleans and disinfects the floor. The vapor goes deep down through the cracks and cleans it. But once you are using on hardwood flooring, the vapor can damage your floor also.

Steam Cleaners especially “Designed” for Hardwood

Many companies sell and market the steam cleaners that they claimed to clean the floor safely no matter what the material of the floor is. The basis that the companies make the promises are that these cleaners have that special mechanism through that they wipe out extra moisture from the floor, absorbing the water and leaving the floor drain. The product safety should be noted that the floor must be sealed thoroughly before using these.

Although there is a lot of counter-conversation about the fact that the hardwood floors should not get the steam cleaner as it makes the surface moist. So, companies are coming up to make the utility easy for users.

When you Use a Steam Cleaner:

There is a common safety warning that comes with all the packages of a steam cleaner and that is before using it on wooden floors, the floors must be sealed properly. If the floor is sealed, steam cleaners can be used.

To check the wideness, thickness, and stability of the seal on your hardwood floor drop a small amount of water on the surface of the floor. If the water beads up at instant, it means the seal is intact and water cannot be perceived. But if the water scatters around goes inside the wood, then the seal is damaged and it needs to be repaired. The seal should be a bit thicker. It will help to protect the floor better. 

Potential Problems

Although one can use the steam cleaner on a perfectly sealed hardwood floor, it better to avoid the use of it. There are many reasons why one should not use steam cleaners on hardwood floors.

Wood seams:  There are the seams within the planks that can be vulnerable to use a steam cleaner. Although seams are initially sealed, it can cause a problem to the floor.

Impact of steam: When we checked if water goes inside the floor or not, that cannot be the same for steam. Water is a thick substance when steam is lighter and can go inside sealed flooring also.

One can use a steam cleaner on a hardwood flooring but perfect precautions must be taken.